Let's go skiing in the Obertauern sunshine!

The ultimate slope experience for sun worshippers

Spring is when the very first violets or primroses are beginning to peep out of the ground in some places. Not so in Obertauern: around the Hotel Enzian, there is still plenty of snow! Guests who come to Obertauern in the spring are thinking of only one thing: skiing!

The talk is of course about skiing in the sunshine. Perfect slope conditions. Snow that sparkles brightly in the sun. Enjoying peaceful moments on the sun terraces of the ski huts. The ultimate ski experience for sun worshippers!

Ski slopes with mountains and sun in the background
You can look forward to sunny winter days

Why skiing in spring is better

Skiing until Easter? Of course! The ski region of Obertauern enjoys particularly delightful conditions in springtime. For one thing, the snow is much less slippery in the sunny weather. This is due to the fact that it defrosts a little in the sun and then freezes again in the cold night air.

For another, the sun itself provides a little more warmth to the fresh mountain air. A good dose of sunshine can be absorbed on the sun terraces of the ski huts, such as the Mankei Alm, located right on the slopes and offering a direct route down to the ski lockers of the Enzian.

An Enzian tip for sunshine skiing: the Tauern loop

When you visit Obertauern, you should complete the popular Tauern loop at least once on your skis. Start in the morning and make the most of the sunshine! The Tauern loop goes right around Obertauern with the following options:

  • Green Tauern loop (anti-clockwise): 7 lifts, approx. 12 km, 4,614 metres of altitude
  • Red Tauern loop (clockwise): 9 lifts, approx. 12 km, 4,110 metres of altitude

Let's go! The Tauern loop starts right outside the Hotel Enzian. The Plattenkar lift, a heated 8-seat chairlift, was renovated in the summer of 2018 and will take you up the mountain in comfort. The end of the Tauern loop is also next to the hotel. It really is ski-in & ski-out, just like the book says!

The best thing: as a guest at the Enzian, you can join a guided ski excursion around the Tauern loop, free of charge.

Enzian – the home of sun worshippers

Skiing in the sun in the mornings - and in the afternoons? Enjoying the daily ski snack at the Hotel Enzian. Or watching the slopes from the comfort of the Zirben sauna. Or even settling in on the sun terrace of the Mankei Alm

Sounds tempting, doesn't it? The solution: book your sunny holiday in the snow for next spring now! This way to your no-obligation enquiry…