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Christmas at the Hotel Enzian

Celebrate the holiday in the Obertauern snow paradise

Christmas is a big celebration at the Hotel Enzian and within the family circle.
As early as the beginning of December the scent of homemade biscuits and sweet gingerbread hangs in the air. The hotel is full of Christmas decorations, the sound of Christmas carols from many different countries can be heard and outside the windows heavy snowflakes are falling to the ground.
The lovingly decorated Christmas tree is hard to overlook and the children have already posted their letters to Santa.

Christmas Eve
Perfect snow conditions ensure skiing fun on the slopes and help pass the hours spent waiting until it’s time to hand out presents. The Christmas cookies are ready, the guests are waiting and suddenly the sound of horses can be heard. A sleigh pulls up, children rush outside to welcome Santa, their faces glowing with happiness.

Following this, our kitchen team will spoil you with a festive Christmas meal, a present for your senses and taste buds.

Christmas at the Hotel Enzian gets a winter dream in a family atmosphere with many surprises. 

Christmas special
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