Saunas & steam baths in the Enzian spa

Sweating is known to be healthy…

A visit to the sauna helps to cleanse your body and strengthen its defences. That is a good enough reason to try out every one of the seven saunas and steam baths at the Enzian! Sweating is proven to be healthy. And, in the 1,400 square metre spa area, we are confident that we have the right sauna for everyone.

The highlight: the Zirben sauna with panoramic views. At a comfortable 60 degrees Celsius, you can breathe in the beneficial aroma of the stone pine timber of the sauna - and, while you relax, enjoy the sight of passing skiers out the window. After a visit to the Zirben sauna, you will be refreshed and ready for another day full of adventures in the Obertauern ski region!

Opening hours

The sauna area is open daily from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. In the event of bad weather, our sweat-inducing wellness area can be used from 1:00pm!

Saunas & steam baths at a glance

  • Zirben sauna
  • Caldarium: 45°C, dry
  • Steam bath: 50°C
  • Brine steam bath
  • Organic sauna: 55°C, damp
  • Finnish sauna: 90°C, dry
  • Infra-red cabin

hot-cold: For the complete sauna experience, our spa facilities also include a Kneipp basin. Prepare your body for the elevated temperatures of the sauna with warm water. And after your sauna experience? Then you can enjoy a stimulating change of temperature with cold and hot baths!

The sauna experience is good for you - especially during a winter holiday! Book your room at the Hotel & Zirbenspa Enzian today to be sure of your place in the sauna in the Obertauern ski region during your next holiday Send us your no-obligation enquiry now…