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Is skiing alone not enough for you?

Make the most of the Enzian fitness room

If skiing alone is not enough for you, then take on the weights in our hotel’s own exercise room or put your feet to the pedals on the bicycle.  The latest equipment from Techno Gym is provided for your use in our fitness centre, which extends over more than 100m2.

Surf the internet whilst running on the treadmill and looking out over the snow-covered slopes - it’s possible at the Hotel und Zirben Spa Enzian.

Our modern fitness room is open from 7.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

An overview of our fitness equipment:

  • 1x Excite+ bike
  • 1x Excite+ recline
  • 2x Excite+ run
  • 1x Element+ Line leg extension
  • 1x Element+ Line leg curl
  • 1x Element+ Line chest press
  • 1x Element+ Line low row
  • 1x Element+ Line shoulder press
  • 1x Element+ Line vertical traction
  • 1x Element+ Line Ercolina
  • 1x Element+ Line crunch bench
  • 1x Element+ Line lower back bench
  • 1x Flex Area Compact
  • 1x abductor+ adductor

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