Natural indulgence: cuisine at the Hotel Enzian

About local flavour, sustainability & trusted suppliers

Have you ever heard of slow food? This enjoyable food culture, originating in Italy, has been used as a model here at the Hotel Enzian. The creed: to give preference to natural foodstuffs from the local area. A short distance, reliable, trustworthy suppliers and the best of the season - these are the distinguishing characteristics of the Enzian's kitchen. And these are what our guests also value.

Host and chef Julien Lefebvre gives his personal attention to seeing that this continues to be the case. The French-born chef and his kitchen team create a delicious mixture of Austrian and international dishes. A fair amount of passion goes into this process, as well as Lefebvre's international experience in various well-known restaurants.

The result of the Enzian's food philosophy: everything you put in your mouth is high-quality and nature, like Lungau, like Austria! Discover the taste of the region with our gourmet dining options….

Poppy and damson plum strudel
Everything you taste is high-quality and delicious!

AMA Gastro Seal – it's all down to the origins

With the AMA Gastro Seal, we guarantee the transparent identification of high-quality local products. We live in, with and from our region. Sustainability and the deliberate use of local resources are matters close to our hearts - whether furnishing the building or selecting the products.

We live by the motto "The good stuff is close to home." and value local quality. The majority of our suppliers are located within 100 kilometres. Close cooperation with farmers, foodstuff manufacturers and merchants from the immediate area doesn't just increase value creation in the region. It also represents a stand against the global homogenisation of tastes on the plate.

Our suppliers

Without our long-term suppliers and producers, the buffet at the Hotel Enzian would doubtless look pretty empty. Allow us to introduce the people responsible for your culinary enjoyment.

Portrait photo Heinz and Andrea Lasser

Lasser Bakery in Schladming

The Lasser Bakery is a family business based on the taste of organic grains. Mr Lasser (senior) has always been a pioneer of organic breads in Austria. Lasser's products are made from high-quality ingredients, water and natural sourdough.

Erwin Bauer in the production of cheese

The Fötschlalm open cheese factory in Thomatal

Erwin Bauer turned his hobby into a profession, becoming an Alpine dairyman in Switzerland and then turning his dream into reality with his cheese business in Thomatal - he works with milk from his own cows, making a valuable contribution to the cheese culture of Lungau.

Tip: visit Erwin Bauer in his open cheese factory, around 30 kilometres from the Hotel Enzian.

Butcher with bacon in hand

Lankmayr Butchery

The Salzburg region of Lungau is known for its spicy cured bacon. The Lankmayr Butchery has been creating Lungau specialties, made to traditional recipes, since 1949.

Photo from the family Trausner in the Genusswekstatt

The Trausner workshop of delights

The Trausner family see the natural world as their most important supplier. All their ingredients come from either their own gardens, selected fruit growers or from local harvests. A wide variety of fruits are combined with beet sugar and made into jams, fruit jellies or a unique Enzian syrup.

Tip: try the sweet Enzian syrup at our hotel bar!

Günther Naynar in front of the stable gate

"Lungauer" cheese from cheesemaker Günther Naynar

For more than 30 years, Günther Naynar has been making cow's and goat's milk cheeses at his "Hiasn Farm" in the Lungau mountain village of Göriach. The aromatic air at more than 1,260 metres above sea level, together with his attention to detail, result in a range of delicious, natural and tasty cheese varieties. The Austrian culinary world has long been paying attention to his products. Naynar supplies numerous first-class establishments right across Austria.

Family photo of the Santner family

"Lungau Eachtling" from the Santner family in Lintsching

Lungau is one of the best potato-growing areas in Austria. A long agricultural tradition in the area involves the cultivation of excellent quality table potatoes containing high-quality vegetable protein, plenty of vitamins and valuable mineral content. The name "Eachtling" means potatoes in the dialect of Lungau, and it is used as a brand name for the local potato crop.

Woman in front of the Attersee with a fish in her hand

"Finest fish" from the Attersee

"When you buy a finest fish, you are buying a product of the very highest quality – wild fish from one of the purest bodies of water in central Europe: the Attersee. Naturally reared, humanely caught and then processed by hand." The Huber family keep us supplied with fresh fish from the Attersee.

Honeycombs with bees in a beekeeping

Honey Factory

The Honey Factory is a company specialising in the production of comb honey. One of the purest natural products in the world, this honey contains more than 200 proven vitamins, aromas and minerals. Their suppliers are selected apiaries that operate according to the strict food-production laws of Austria.

Tip: enjoy this delicious comb honey in our breakfast buffet!

Man in the middle of sheep

Fresh milk & butter from the farmers of Pongau

Perhaps you've already seen decorations and patterns on a pat of butter? The Lürzer farm in Untertauern provides us with a daily supply of fresh cow's milk and hand-made butter for our very own Enzian breakfast buffet!

Family photo of the family Veit on a wine barrel

The Veit winery

At the Veit winery the wine has plenty of time to mature. The family business is famous in the wine world for its "Veitliner", their private version of the Grünen Veltliner. Wines from the house of Veit are already found in Falstaff's wine and red wine guide, as well as the Vinaria atlas of young wines. Numerous awards in recent years are encouragement enough for the Veit family to continue in this way.

Tip: book your exclusive wine-tasting experience at the Hotel Enzian! Host Walter Veit will be pleased to offer you his personal, passionate company on a voyage of discovery through his well-stocked wine cellar.

Portrait photo of the family Moser

Moser Zederhaus fine schnapps distillery

In the centre of Zederhaus, at an altitude of 1,200 metres above sea level, there is a farm belonging to the Moser family. Alongside their organic farming business, they have been creating high-quality distilled beverages in the Edelbrennerei Moser since 1995. Only the finest quality Austrian fruits and berries are used.

Natural indulgence all day long - with the Enzian's range of gourmet dining options, you can experience numerous culinary highlights on a daily basis. If you are a real gourmet, then you have come to the right place here in Obertauern! Send us your no-obligation enquiry now…